Teacher Spotlight: Molly Owens

You may already know and love her — Molly Owens is back with us for a short time. We are beyond blessed to have her guest teaching for the next couple of months. Don’t know Molly yet or want to know what she’s been up to this summer? Let’s see what she had to say!

Q: Why did you start teaching yoga? 

A: Yoga completely transformed my life. I discovered yoga in a time in my life when I felt completely lost. Through the practice, I not only found happiness and a newfound understanding of health, but I gained a real understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection which brought clarity into all areas of my life. I began teaching because I wanted to be able to guide my students into discovering the positivity and beauty in their life by simply awakening their consciousness to it. 

Q: You’ve been traveling the past few months! Where did you go and what’s your advice for fellow wanderlusters? 

A: I just came back from a few months solo traveling all over beautiful Brazil. My advice to anyone drooling over travel photos (and what I remind myself each time I'm deciding on another trip) is just do it. Make the time, save the money and book the flight. It's always been completely worth it for me. Your life is like a movie you get to direct and star in, so why not fill each moment with breathtaking scenery and heart awakening adventures? You get to choose how you spend your time on this planet — no limiting beliefs! 

Q: What is so special about Karma that keeps you coming back?

A: I began at Karma when the studio opened and it's been my yoga home ever since! I love the rush of positive energy I feel every time I come to the studio, created by the wonderful community of students and the brilliant teachers and staff. 

Q: How would you describe your teaching style?

A: I love to flow and move fluidly through each class, bringing attention to breath as a tool to take students deeper into their practice. Each class I begin with a meditation on a different intention to provide mindful direction for the practice as well as create a focus rooted in positivity and growth as we move through the postures.

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Alyssa Yuhas